Sunday, December 7, 2014

SOLUTIONS for FAMILY "WEALTHBeeing and KIDS Brighter Futures !

WEALTH is Family, Health and Happiness ...include 
"Taken Care of " Money and Wealth building and that equals Brighter Futures in our changing world !

                                                                                 "MONEYCLEVER" Family Financial Education is Missing ... here is A Program,A Plan & A Path of Solutions.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

21st Century SOLUTIONS ...available NOW ... MONEYCLEVER Education for a TIME & MONEY Lifestyle & for Family Well-being !! MAKE.A/YOUR.DIFFERENCE. ...ADD MONEYCLEVER SKILLS !!

MONEYCLEVER Education for KIDS, ADULTS, PARENTS and Familys !
Schooling for the HOME ...the BEST Place.
I have found from my Networking and research that YOU already know some of this MONEYCLEVER !!
...WHAT is missing is A Comprehensive 21st century PROGRAM, PLAN and PATH
... GET BUZZY EDUCATION brings this to you

YOU GET the First 3 books, 5 Online or Offline classes 
...ALL INLINE for helping you create a Brighter Family Future.
Emails to support and information for 12 months with PDF's and More !!
$99 plus P/P through Paypal.
Email: or

                                SEE MONEYCLEVER Videos :
                                 Latest MONEYCLEVER

                                   Jack 4yo and Me VIDEO :)   

WHY ? JOE on MONEYCLEVER Familys !! 

 The Mission " The BEGINNING "  :

Fun with Jack & MONEYCLEVER Alphabet @ words :)

2013 USA - SIDEKICK TALK RADIO ...about 45 mins in :)

2014 USA - "This NEEDS to BE Said" RADIO ...starts 95 mins in :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making MONEY is Childs Play !!
...well it can be !!

We All want OUR KID's to Achieve their Dreams and Goals ....YES !
The aim of MONEYCLEVER - is to work with FAMILY's and give Parents the tools and support and SOLUTION's to educate and equip YOUR KID's for a BRIGHTER FUTURE with 21st century Financial Education !!
You'll be taken through simple meaningful steps to Educate, Coach and Empower your KID's and Teach Your KIDs to be Black Belts in MONEY !! 

Jack and Me VIDEO :)  

    MONEYCLEVER - A Program-A Plan-A PATH !!

One of OUR interactive Educational books "MONEYCLEVER Black Belt" is now also available at AMAZON for Kindle or for your PC. US$9.97 - Hard Copy AUS$16 PayPal +pp 

* NEW MATERIAL's coming and see whats available now !!
Contact QUESTION's Pls Email:
"KIDs are ALL OUR FUTURE's" Joe the GATESMASTER for KIDs and Familys BRIGHTER Future. THANK YOU :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The GET BUZZY - MONEYCLEVER Financial Education Program

IMAGINE ...if your Kids learned something about each of the areas in this MONEYCLEVER program. You decide ...would they be better prepared to deal with money and their finances throughout their future ? This is what I've learned through the ups and downs of my life and through research and experiences and its what I am teaching my Kids to prepare them. If this makes sense to you, please use it and maybe the more children that we prepare, then we can and will Make A Difference to All OUR Futures.

Become a ... "M.S.I. MONEYCLEVER Black Belt" and have  Educated Financial choices. Prepare your KID's, FAMILY and COMMUNITY for the future with ...the latest 21st century Financial education "Build a Family empire of M.S.I. Multiple Sources of Income" .                         Email:
SEE Latest video's :
1." The BEGINNING "  :
2.Joe C Estrada on "MONEYCLEVER KID's"
                          3. "STEP ONE "
                          4. "GO MAD "  ...
More on YOUTUBE !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The MONEYCLEVER Program ... I'm teaching My Kids !!

Become a  "M.S.I. MONEYCLEVER Black Belt" !!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


with " OUR MILLIONAIRE KIDS " ... teach our kids to make money !!
and Let's Give OUR Kids an AMAZING Future !!

With 21st century Family Financial Education & "The NEW 70 hour week!!" !!
Let's MAKE a Better Future"
Teach your children about Money and build wealth become a MONEYCLEVER Black Belt. An introduction to opportunities, property, shares, business, the Internet, MLM, family & Kids talents for everyones better future !
FAMILY Financial Education ... TRUE Wealth is every area of life .

Email :

Saturday, April 25, 2009

YOUR Mission if you accept ........................ Be a "GET BUZZY AMBITION COACH ... for KIDS"

Kids are Amazing Jack at 6 months old said "bzzzzz" and so I formed "Get Buzzy Education" for All Kids futures !!
Do you want the BEST for your Kids - JOIN !!!
Do you want the LATEST education - JOIN !!!
Do you want to hope... or to Make A Difference - JOIN !!!
Do you want your Kids and Your family to have Financial Health & Security - JOIN !!!
Do you want 21st Century ANSWERS - JOIN !!!!
"Help make kids dreams (goals) come true and your dreams come true". Joe C Estrada